2022 Membership Renewal Deadline

Date: Monday, February 28, 2022
Time: 8:00am - 8:00pm

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2022 Membership Renewal instructions:

  1. Click RSVP on this reminder to be added to the "Payment Pending" list (you will no longer receive renewal reminders) and note form of payment.
  2. Place membership renewal check in the mail (MUST include renewing member's name in the reference section!) or complete "payment via credit card" process via website (please note: if you are not directed to the PayPal website then your payment is NOT complete).
  3. Allow 30 business days for the payment to be received and processed and then check the website at www.birminghamepc.org to ensure your 2022 Membership Renewal has been marked as Paid.

NOT Renewing:

  1. Click RSVP on this reminder to no longer receive renewal reminders.
  2. Click the "Unable to Attend" button under the Payment Method section and the "NOT Renewing 2022 Membership" button under the Event Fee section.
  3. Please email any comments or concerns to:  epcofbirmingham@gmail.com.



Questions or concerns:  epcofbirmingham@gmail.com

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